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All sermons beginning July 1, 2018, are by Reverend Amy Strader and/or Reverend Eric Strader, unless noted otherwise.

All sermons between July 3, 2016, and June 3, 2018, are by Pastor Deborah Christine, unless noted otherwise. All sermons prior to July 3, 2016, are by Pastor Dave McConnell, unless noted otherwise. Scroll down to see the full list.

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Scripture: Matthew 5
Direct download: 2007-12-30.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:17pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-12-30_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:13pm MDT

Scriptures: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7; Isaiah 40 & 60; Luke 2:1-7; Luke 2:8-16
Direct download: 2007-12-24.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 2:32pm MDT

Scripture: Matthew 1
Direct download: 2007-12-23.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:10am MDT

Direct download: 2007-12-23_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:09am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 2
Direct download: 2007-12-16.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:51am MDT

Direct download: 2007-12-16_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:50am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-3,16-18
Direct download: 2007-12-09.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:05pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-12-09_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:01pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 2: 8-15
Direct download: 2007-12-02.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:46am MDT

Direct download: 2007-12-02_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:45am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 13
Direct download: 2007-11-25.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:53am MDT

Direct download: 2007-11-25Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:51am MDT

Philippians 4 and John 10
Direct download: 2007-11-18.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 3:13pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-11-18_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 3:11pm MDT

Scripture: Genesis 2 and Romans 8
Direct download: 2007-11-11.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 1:47pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-11-11_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:45pm MDT

Habakkuk 1 & 2; Revelation 1; Revelation 21
Direct download: 2007-11-04.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:22pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-11-04_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:20pm MDT

Scripture: Judges 6, Hebrews 12
Direct download: 2007-10-28.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:33pm MDT

As part of the celebration of All Saints Day, the names of those in the church who died in the past year are read.
Direct download: 2007-10-28Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:22pm MDT

Scripture: Matthew 11, Isaiah 61

Direct download: 2007-10-21.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:43am MDT

Direct download: 2007-10-21Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:41am MDT

Scripture: Luke 17: 11-19
Direct download: 2007-10-14.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:40am MDT

Direct download: 2007-10-14_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:38am MDT

Scripture:  John 6 & 21
Reference: Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett
Direct download: 2007-10-07.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:26pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-10-07_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:30am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 4:12-17
Reference: Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
Direct download: 2007-09-30.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:13pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-09-30_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:11pm MDT

Scripture: Deuteronomy 10, Luke 6, and Romans 13
Direct download: 2007-09-23.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 4:30pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-09-23_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 4:28pm MDT

Luke 6:17-19 NRSV
King Lear, William Shakespeare
Direct download: 2007-09-16.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:51am MDT

Direct download: 2007-09-16_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:49am MDT

Jeremiah 6 & 9; Matthew 11 & 12
Direct download: 2007-09-09.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 1:50pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-09-09_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:48pm MDT

Scripture: Psalm 127 and Luke 6
Direct download: 2007-09-02.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:55am MDT

Direct download: 2007-09-02_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:52am MDT

Scripture: Exodus 3
Direct download: 2007-08-26.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:24am MDT

Direct download: 2007-08-26Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:22am MDT

Scripture: Romans 5, Mark 10
Reference: As You Like It, Shakespeare
Direct download: 2007-08-19.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:05am MDT

Direct download: 2007-08-12Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:03am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 7
Reference: As You Like It, Shakespeare
Direct download: 2007-08-12.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:09am MDT

Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:08am MDT

Scripture: Colossians 1 (The Message)
Direct download: 2007-08-05.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:13am MDT

Direct download: 2007-08-05Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:11am MDT

Scripture: John 4:3-13, Jesus and the Samaritan Woman. (Today's scripture is not on this recording.)
Guest Preacher: Rev. Su DeBree
Direct download: 2007-07-29.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:49am MDT

Direct download: 2007-07-29_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:45am MDT

Scripture: Isaiah 43 and Matthew 5 & 6

Direct download: 2007-07-22.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:41am MDT

Direct download: 2007-07-22_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:40am MDT

Scripture: Proverbs 13 and Matthew 12
Direct download: 2007-07-15.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:51am MDT

Direct download: 2007-07-15_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:48am MDT

Direct download: 2007-07-08Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:00am MDT

Scripture: Luke 16 and 1 Corinthians 1
Direct download: 2007-07-08.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:55am MDT

Direct download: 2007-07-01Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:02am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 7 and Revelation 1

Reference: Good Omens by Gaiman & Pratchett

Direct download: 2007-07-01.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:54am MDT

Direct download: 2007-06-24Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:47am MDT

Direct download: 2007-06-24-rev.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:39am MDT

Direct download: 2007-06-17Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 9:40pm MDT

I'm very sorry that I lost today's sermon!

As a substitute, I've loaded the sermon from Nov. 13, 2005, which was also about the value of prayer.
Scripture: Matthew 6.
Direct download: 2005-11-13.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 9:34pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-06-10Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:54am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 13:22
Reference: A Guest in My Own Country by George Konrad
Direct download: 2007-06-10.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:40am MDT

Direct download: 2007-06-03Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:05pm MDT

Scripture: John 14, Romans 8
Reference to: The Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille
Direct download: 2007-06-03.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:03pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-05-27Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:31am MDT

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21
Guest Preacher: Rev. Bill Mullette-Bauer,

Direct download: 2007-05-27.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:28am MDT

Direct download: 2007-05-20Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:32pm MDT

Scripture: Isaiah 49, 45
Direct download: 2007-05-20.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:30pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-05-13Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 9:30pm MDT

Scripture: Matthew 5, John 20, John 11
Direct download: 2007-05-13.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 9:27pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-05-06Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:46am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 5
(Revised McConnell Translation)
Direct download: 2007-05-06.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:44am MDT

Direct download: 2007-04-29Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:13pm MDT

Scripture: Ezekiel 34, Revelations 1
Direct download: 2007-04-29.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:12pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-04-22Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:02pm MDT

Scripture: I Corinthians 15, Matthew 7
Direct download: 2007-04-22.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:59am MDT

Direct download: 2007-04-15Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:39pm MDT

Scripture: John 20: 1-18
Guest Preacher: Rev. Morie Adams-Griffin
of Living Waters UMC
Direct download: 2007-04-15.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:37pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-04-08Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:00pm MDT

Scripture: Acts 10
References to: Simply Christian by N.T. Wright and Lincoln's Sword by Douglas Wilson.
Direct download: 2007-04-08.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:58pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-04-01Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:06pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 19
Direct download: 2007-04-01.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:05pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-03-25Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:45am MDT

Scripture: Isaiah 43
Direct download: 2007-03-25.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:43am MDT

Direct download: 2007-03-18Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:02pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 15
Reference: No Wonder They Call Him Savior by Max Lucado
Direct download: 2007-03-18.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:00pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-03-11Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 5:03pm MDT

Scripture:  Isaiah 55
Direct download: 2007-03-11.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 4:59pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-03-04Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:27pm MDT

Scripture:  Mark 8, 14, Isaiah 58 (The Message)
Reference:  Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
Direct download: 2007-03-04.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:21pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-02-25Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:34pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 4
with reference to Shakespeare's MacBeth
Direct download: 2007-02-25.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 1:29pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-02-18Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:33pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 9
References:  Against the Day by Thomas Pinchon,
Orality and Literacy by Walter Ong.
Direct download: 2007-02-18.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:28pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-02-11Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:54pm MDT

Scripture: Matthew 8
Direct download: 2007-02-11.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:48pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-02-04Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:52am MDT

Scripture: I Corinthians 13
Direct download: 2007-02-04.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:49am MDT

Direct download: 2007-01-28Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 7:23pm MDT

Scripture: John 15, I John 3 & 4
Direct download: 2007-01-28.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 7:21pm MDT

Direct download: 2007-01-21Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:01pm MDT