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All sermons beginning July 1, 2018, are by Reverend Amy Strader and/or Reverend Eric Strader, unless noted otherwise.

All sermons between July 3, 2016, and June 3, 2018, are by Pastor Deborah Christine, unless noted otherwise. All sermons prior to July 3, 2016, are by Pastor Dave McConnell, unless noted otherwise. Scroll down to see the full list.

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September 2008
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Scripture: Luke 1:39-45
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Scripture: Luke 1:26 - 38

Paintings referenced in today's sermon include:

 Rembrandt: The Holy Family with Angels

Frederic Edwin Church:

A Passing Storm


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Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:06pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 2: 8-18

George Inness: The Road to the Farm

 John Singleton Copley: The Nativity


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Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:31am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 2

Paintings referenced in today's sermon include the following:

The Lighthouse at Two Lights by Edward Hopper

Kearsarge Village by George Inness

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt

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Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:11pm MDT

Direct download: 2008-12-07_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:09pm MDT

Scripture: Isaiah 40

The painting referenced in today's sermon is The Church Spire by George Inness. You can view this painting at:

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Category:sermons -- posted at: 12:23pm MDT

Direct download: 2008-11-30_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:22pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19

Paintings referenced in today's sermon include the following:

Highway of Combes-la-Ville by Giovanni Boldini, which you can view at  

and Lake Squam from Red Hill by William Trost Richards, at


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Direct download: 2008-11-23_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:13pm MDT

Scripture: Joshua 24; Matthew 5; Matthew 7.

References: A Secular Age by Charles Taylor; George Inness and the Science of Landscape by Rachael Ziady DeLue.

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Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:47am MDT

Direct download: 2008-11-16_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:45am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 20
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Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:06pm MDT

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-16
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Direct download: 2008-11-02_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: Luke 22:24-27 and Luke 18:15-17
Direct download: 2008-10-26.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 1:53pm MDT

Direct download: 2008-10-26_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:52pm MDT

Scripture: Luke 14: 16-24
Direct download: 2008-10-19.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:17am MDT

Direct download: 2008-10-19_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:16am MDT

Scripture: Exodus 3:13-15, 15:1-3

Direct download: 2008-10-12.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:45am MDT

Direct download: 2008-10-12_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:43am MDT

Scripture: I Corinthians 23-26

Reference: Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy

Direct download: 2008-10-05.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-10-05_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:32am MDT

Scripture Luke 6:46-49
Direct download: 2008-09-28.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 11:32am MDT

Direct download: 2008-09-28_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:30am MDT

Scripture: Luke 12
Direct download: 2008-09-21.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-09-21_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:47am MDT

Scripture: Luke Chapter 10
Direct download: 2008-09-14.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-09-14_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:28pm MDT

Scripture Luke 10
Direct download: 2008-09-07.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-09-07_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 12:19pm MDT

Scripture: Leviticus 19 & Isaiah 55

Direct download: 2008-08-31.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:03am MDT

Direct download: 2008-08-31_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:02am MDT

Scripture: Genesis 18
Reference: Moral Clarity by Susan Neiman
Direct download: 2008-08-24.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 10:16am MDT

Direct download: 2008-08-24_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:14am MDT

Scripture: Genesis 1 and 2 (The Message)
Guest Preacher: Dr. Loren Acton

Reference: Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd
Direct download: 2008-08-17.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 9:46am MDT

Direct download: 2008-08-17_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 9:45am MDT

Scripture: Acts 13
Direct download: 2008-08-10.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-08-10_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:09am MDT

Scripture: James 1

Direct download: 2008-08-03.mp3
Category:sermons -- posted at: 2:01pm MDT

Direct download: 2008-08-03_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 1:59pm MDT

Scripture: Micah 4
Direct download: 2008-07-27.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-07-27_Prayer.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-07-20.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-07-20_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: John 8
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Direct download: 2008-07-13_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:51am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 25: 31-36

Reference: C.S. Lewis, Feb. 18. 1954; Collected Letters, volume 3, p. 429

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Category:sermons -- posted at: 2:57pm MDT


Direct download: 2008-07-06_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 2:54pm MDT

Scripture: Kings 6 and 7
Direct download: 2008-06-29.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-06-29_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 10, 1 John 3
Direct download: 2008-06-22.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-06-22_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 10:55am MDT

Scripture: Matthew 9
Direct download: 2008-06-15.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-06-15_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 15
Direct download: 2008-06-08.mp3
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Scripture: Genesis 3
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Scripture: Luke 19
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Scripture: Matthew 5 (The Message)
Direct download: 2008-05-18.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-05-18_PRAYER.mp3
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Scripture: Acts 2
Direct download: 2008-05-11.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-05-11_Prayer.mp3
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Guest preacher Reverend David Burt, Big Horn District Superintendent

Scripture: Acts, Chapter 1, v. 6-11 

Direct download: 2008-05-04.mp3
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Scripture: Luke 18

Direct download: 2008-04-27.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-04-27_Prayer.mp3
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Guest Preacher: Gloria Zimmer
Scripture: Genesis 1
Reference: Earth Trek by Joanne Moyer
Direct download: 2008-04-20.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-04-20_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: Luke 5
Reference: "A River Runs Through It" by Norman Maclean
Direct download: 2008-04-13.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 28

Direct download: 2008-04-06.mp3
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Scripture: Acts 10
Direct download: 2008-03-30.mp3
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Scripture: John 20
Direct download: 2008-03-23.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 21
Direct download: 2008-03-16.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 27
Direct download: 2008-03-09.mp3
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We're sorry that technical difficulties prevented the recording of today's sermon. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to review last week's sermon; notice that you can post your comments on the homework assignment.
Category:general -- posted at: 11:12am MDT

Scripture: Jeremiah 35, Romans 6
Reference: Experiments in Ethics by Kwame Anthony Appiah
Bulletin Handout:
A. A possible Christian moral heuristic
    1. Remember Easter
    2. Follow Jesus: love, share, forgive
    3. Be hopeful, be generous
    4. Enjoy every sandwich
B. Homework Assignment:  Write your own:
You may comment on this sermon or view others
comments by clicking the word "Comments".
(Comments are moderated and do not show up immediately.) 
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Scripture: Mark 4, Mark 2
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Scripture: Mark 4, Hebrews 2
Direct download: 2008-02-10.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-02-10_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: Matthew 17
Direct download: 2008-02-03.mp3
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Direct download: 2008-02-03_Prayer.mp3
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Scripture: John 2
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Scripture: Deuteronomy 26 & 27
Direct download: 2008-01-20.mp3
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Today's sermon was a presentation of the Katrina Recovery Volunteers in Mission Team who traveled to Waveland, Mississippi, in the fall of 2007 to assist with recovery efforts in that area.
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