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All sermons beginning July 1, 2018, are by Reverend Amy Strader and/or Reverend Eric Strader, unless noted otherwise.

All sermons between July 3, 2016, and June 3, 2018, are by Pastor Deborah Christine, unless noted otherwise. All sermons prior to July 3, 2016, are by Pastor Dave McConnell, unless noted otherwise. Scroll down to see the full list.

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Scripture: Acts 10
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Scripture: John 20
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Scripture: Matthew 21
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Scripture: Matthew 27
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Direct download: 2008-03-09_Prayer.mp3
Category:prayers -- posted at: 11:00am MST

We're sorry that technical difficulties prevented the recording of today's sermon. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to review last week's sermon; notice that you can post your comments on the homework assignment.
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