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Message sent via email:


Dear sisters and brothers of Bozeman United Methodist Church,

Grace and peace to you all as we begin the season of Advent.


It is my pleasure to share with you that, in response to the request of your Staff Parish Relations Committee,  Bishop Karen Oliveto has chosen to appoint the Rev. Amy Strader as full time pastor of Bozeman UMC as of January 1, 2020. Rev. Eric Strader will continue as part time pastor at Bozeman UMC and part time as Congregational Resource Minister for the Montana West District.  I am grateful for the gifts and graces that Rev. Amy brings to your congregation, and for the gifts and graces that Rev. Eric brings to your congregation and to the District CRM position.  I am excited about the possibilities for your ministry together, and trust that this will reflect good stewardship of financial resources and of gifts and skills.


Also, a Church Conference will be held, according to the Discipline, on Sunday, December 15, at 11:45 a.m. to approve the pastoral compensation for 2020.

May the Holy Spirit guide your ministry to the people of your community.



Jan Witman

District Superintendent, Montana West




To that, the BUMC Personnel Team would add:


A reminder that when Rev. Amy and Rev. Eric were appointed 18 months ago to BUMC it was less than full time.   This shift allows for more clergy presence in the church to focus on the pastoral care of the community. In order to continue to be fiscally responsible, we will not be rehiring the Nurture Care position, held by Kim Broden, but instead dividing responsibilities between Rev. Amy and our new Office Coordinator, Allie Zanieri-Hale. Allie will coordinate office needs, alongside supporting database management, and recruiting volunteers - YOU - for ministry needs and opportunities.


Rev. Amy will continue to oversee discipleship ministries including; campus, youth, children, and mission, as well as retaining her role on the Board of Bozeman Health System and community needs. In addition, Rev. Amy will be taking over responsibilities of pastoral care and head up the Stephen Ministry Leadership team.


Rev. Eric will continue to oversee administration and worship while supporting the district in church vitality and clergy coaching as the Congregational Resource Minister.


Please join us to celebrate Kim’s ministry on Dec. 8th in between worship services!

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